Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eat Your Way Acros America: 50 States, 50 Festivals-- Part 7: Out West

23. HATCH CHILE FESTIVAL-- HATCH, NM, SEPT. 3-4-- You can eat caramels, chips, burgers, enchiladas and even ice cream loaded with the stuff. Even a watermelon eating contest.

I even like the name of the town.

24. SPUD DAY-- SHELLEY, IDA., SEPT. 17-- Tug of war over a huge vat of mashed potatoes. Something potato in Idaho. Who'd have figured?

25. NORSK HOSTFEST-- MINOT, ND, SEPT. 27-OCT. 1-- Biggest North American Scandinavia festival with all things from that part of the world. You can try klub, ponnukokur and lutefisk.

26. ARIZONA TACO FESTIVAL-- SCOTTSDALE, AZ., OCT. 15-- Competition for best chicken, beef, pork and seafood categories. "Throwdowns" also for salsa and guacamole.

27. TERLINGUA INTERNATIONAL CHILI CHAMPIONSHIP-- TERLINGUA, TX., NOV. 5-- Texas takes its chili seriously. Described as the granddaddy of chili cookoffs. Only Texas red, a meat-based type with no beans or other fillers allowed. chili.otg/terlingua.html.

That Finished Off the Out West Festivals. --RoadDog

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