Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Marine Corps Thing-- Part 5

June 16th

Once at Union Station, we caught a CTA bus to Soldier Field for $2.25 and we also needed a 25 cent transfer. Passed the White Palace Grill, open 24 hours, which looked to be of interest. We also passed over a bridge built over a massive number of railroad tracks. This bridge featured columns with books in between. Gas in Chicago was at $4.55!!

Again, all that PT (Physical Training) outside Soldiers Field really brought back a flood of memories for me (which was why I wrote so much about them.) "I don't know, but I've been told...."

Once we got checked in and received our name cards, I went over to the the statue of a World War I American soldier. It was called "The Spirit of the American Doughboy" and was sculpted by E.M. Viquesney. Viquesney was an American sculptor (1876 to 1946) best-known for this sculpture, although this was not the only one. Between 1920 and 1940, some 140 versions of this work were placed in public places in 38 states.

Under this it read, "In memory of the sacrifices of our American men and women in the armed forces who serve in war and peace. Installed by 132nd Infantry (2nd Illinois) Garfield Park 1926 as a tribute to World War I soldiers. rededicated Soldiers Field 2003."

The soldier is running through some land with barbed wire strung by his feet, probably No-Man's Land.

More to Come. --RoadDog

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