Monday, October 7, 2013

The End of the Boating Season Saturday and Oktoberfest

Well, Saturday was the end of the 2013 Chain Crawl here on the Chain of Lakes in northeast Illinois. Celebrated with a big party and lots of free stuff at Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake. Some die-hards came by boat and got drenched in the downpour. Fortunately, we were sitting under a big tent on the patio with friends Don and Pat and Glenn and Barb. //// Usually, Liz and I win absolutely nothing, but today was our day. We won several =hats, a six pack of pumpkin ale and three bottles of booze. Oh, did I mention we also won $100. Makes up for all those dry runs. //// Afterwards, we stayed for the first set of the Average Joe Band. //// We then went over to the Fox Lake Lakefront Park for Oktoberfest and enjoyed the Alpiners playing oom-pah music for a set as well as German food and drink. //// Though the Chain Crawl is over, we still need five more boating outings to make our goal of 40 times. We would have had it today, but have not gone out the last four days because of rain and threat of rain. //// Good Times in the Area. --RoadDog

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