Monday, October 14, 2013

Henry Ford Made America Smaller-- Part 3: Ford the Bill Gates of His Time

Henry Ford's true genius lay in his vision of low cost transportation for the common man. (I've head it said that he put the people of the United States on wheels.) Until Ford came along, only the rich could afford automobiles. It was Ford's idea to sell low-cost, no-frills, dependable cars.

Today, more than 240 million vehicles are registered in the U.S.. (Sometimes, when I'm out driving, I think they are all in front of me or coming toward me when I want to make a left turn. We personally have four of those horseless carriages.)


Bill Gates' innovations conquered communication in the late 20th century. Henry Ford conquered transportation in the early part of the century. "Both men took an arcane device and made it indispensable in everyday life. Plus, these men brought about "countless spin-off businesses, social genres and enterprises both criminal and benevolent."


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