Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fratello's: One Great Dog Here in NE Illinois-- Part 2

Fratello's, winner of the Lake County Journal's best hot dog contest this past summer (in an unscientific survey" as they called it), began in a double-wide trailer owned by two Italian brothers, Larry and Lou Carvelli.

It's original location on US-12 in Volo was so popular, they added ones in Rolling Meadows, Lake Zurich and Palatine, Illinois. When Larry retired, Lou sold the other three places to concentrate on the original.

Lou still works there every day. He says he and his brother decided to sell hot dogs because, "It was the Chicago-style sandwich. In the depression years , hot dogs kept people eating. It became a Chicago tradition and we wanted to bring it to Lake County and Chain O' Lakes area.

We felt like pioneers of the Chicago Style hot dog to bring it here." Too bad the article didn't mention when they originally opened.

A Chicago and Chain of Lakes Tradition. --RoadDog

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