Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small World: Another TNT's-- Part 1

Back a lot of years ago, one of our favorite places to eat in the Lake/McHenry counties area was a place on Il. Highway 173 west of Antioch, Illinois, called TNT's (for owners Tina and Tasso). Great food, especially their Greek chicken which was out of this world, specials and drinks. Plus, really friendly owners and wait staff. //// Unfortunately, the place closed and became California Coal House and eventually Dublin O'Shea's before suspiciously burning down. Today, the site is fenced off and all that remains is the foundation. Always saddens us to drive by it. //// This past Saturday, while on the way to the Northwestern-Minnesota game in Evanston, my buddy Bob mentioned a place named TNTs in Arlington Heights' Illinois, as a possible stop for breakfast on our way. We stopped in at its location at 1705 West Campbell Street between Wilke Road and Reuter Avenue. //// The name Connection Still Didn't Dawn On Me, However. --RoadDog

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