Saturday, October 19, 2013

Route 66's a Trip-- Part 4: It's Habit-Forming

Country and Western singer Jess McEntire said in an interview that he is on a mission to reintroduce to America the magic of Route 66 as he promised his parents he would do. //// "In your backyard, there is a treasure, Route 66. Discover the Route and its treasures and rediscover yourself. You will be glad you did." //// But like I said, beware as Route 66 is goll-durned habit forming. Even just one little trip can get you hooked. I know it has for us, ever since out first "purpose" trip on it back in 2002. //// We had been on it back in the 60s, but back then it was just another road. Now, it is something else. I like to say it is America as it was back in the day. A slice of small-town America which is still out there. Some of the friendliest folks you'll ever meet. //// Do You Say "Root" or "R-out-e" 66? --RoadDog

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