Monday, October 7, 2013

Long Strange Trip Ending for Volkswagen's Hippie Vans

From the Sept. 23, 2013, Yahoo! News by Stan Lehman and Bradley Brooks.

They carried hippies to their be-ins and whatever in the 1960s and serves as a workhorse across the developing world, simply called "Bus" by its fans.

Brazil is the last country making the Volkswagen vans, but that ceases December 31st. Production is stopping because of new laws for air bags and anti-locking brake systems for 2014. The company making them says they can't meet the standards.

In Brazil, they are called Kombi, an abbreviation of the German word kombinationsfahrzeug which means cargo passenger van.

Production in Germany stopped in 1979 because the vans could no longer meet European safety requirements. Production in Mexico stopped in 1995, leaving them being made just in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

You Mean Those Things Weren't Safe? --RoadDog

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