Thursday, October 17, 2013

Route 66's a Trip-- Part 1

From the June 27-July 3, 2013, Lake County (Il) Journal. "Route 66 a trip" by Paul Lepek. //// I wish I had come across knowledge of this trip ahead of time as I sure would have liked to accompany them as a guide as I know quite a lot about the stretch here in my home state of Illinois. //// "We have one of life's great treasures right in our backyard: .....ROUTE 66. As the broadcast host from WRLR, along with my counterparts from FOREST 92.3 near London in the UK, Paul Peters and Geoff Kemp, we set up a series of broadcasts to rediscover this awesome part of small town Americana." //// They started in downtown Chicago at Lou Mitchell's on Jackson Street (66's east-bound lanes) in the Loop (and a proper way to kick off any 66 drive). The place was bustling as usual. //// Next stop was at Harrah's Casino in Joliet. He mentions that it is hard to find a Route 66 sign in Chicago, bit no longer the case when you get to Joliet. (Indeed, from Chicago's Loop to Joliet, it is my belief that the Mother Road has essentially been obliterated.) //// Sure Wish I'd Known. --RoadDog

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