Monday, October 21, 2013

10 of America's Oldest Eateries-- Part 1: "Old '76 House

From the American Profile Magazine by Marti Attoun.

So, get a great meal in some mighty old surroundings. Hey, that's a win-win situation. Here is a list of ten places that are all over 150 years old:

#1. OLD '76 HOUSE, TAPPAN, NY. Owner Robert Nordon calls it "the oldest dining room in America." The Dutch tavern, built in 1686, is still serving good food like crab cakes, roast duckling and Yankee pot roast.

Originally known as Mabie's Tavern, this is where colonists gathered on July 4, 1774, to adopt the Orangetown Resolutions protesting British taxation and the occupation of Boston. Later, Continental Army commander George Washington met here and in 1780, it served as a jail for British Army Maj. John Andre after he was caught conspiring with U.S. General Benedict Arnold.

George Washington Ate Here (Maybe Slept). --RoadDog

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