Friday, October 18, 2013

Route 66's a Trip-- Part 3

In Braidwood, Illinois, the radio travelers met two young girls coming off shift at the Polka Dot In who shared their experiences working there. That is a great old-timey place. In Lincoln, Illinois, they met an elderly woman named Joy who shared how Route 66 became interwoven in her life. //// "I could share a lot more but the point is clear. For all of us on the tour, it provided a reawakening of small town values and downhome genuineness where everyone looks out for everyone." And, Pontiac, Braidwood and Dwight are just an hour from Chicago. I could have told Paul Lepek and the others to be careful as that road is highly addictive. //// One Little Drive, and You're Hooked. --RoadDog

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