Saturday, October 26, 2013

Still No Major Color Around Wisconsin's Geneva Lake

Yesterday, we took another drive around Geneva Lake (most folk refer to it as Lake Geneva, but the real name is Geneva Lake. We did a reverse drive, north side first and then south. Sadly, there were spots of color, but no major jaw-dropping ones, just like when we did it two weeks ago before the NIU Homecoming game. Always a pretty drive, though. //// Drove around the residential area just west of downtown Lake Geneva (this is the correct name of the town and what gets folks confused about the lake name) and then, of course, that Wisconsin Ristic Road to beat all Rustic Roads, Snake Road. I don't know how you get a prettier three mile stretch of driving than this. //// Then through lakeside areas of Williams Bay and into delavan where we stopped at the Abbey Resort for a walk-around. Then, it was the North Lake Shore Drive back to Lake Geneva. //// Like I said, there were a few spots of color, but not much. Gas in Lake Geneva was $3.26 and $3.20 in Delavan. //// Maybe Next Week? --RoadDog

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