Friday, October 18, 2013

Route 66's a Trip-- Part 2

Once the radio guys got to Joliet, however, they found Route 66 signage in abundance and also encountered many people and tourists who stopped by and shared stories. They also traveled to Pontiac, Atlanta, Lincoln and Springfield, all towns that revel in their Route 66 heritage (not like Bloomington-Normal, Illinois). //// In Pontiac, they met Lane Lindstrom who runs an old-time radio station with old-time radio machinery that still works. This brought back memories of Lepek's early Elgin radio days. (I wonder if Lindstrom broadcasts?) //// In Atlanta, Illinois, they met Bill and Rhonda from that great Palms Grill Cafe downtown. This is a restaurant that looks to be right out of the 1940s from food to decor. Great food and at reasonable prices. //// Nothing Like a Trip On 66 Across Illinois. --RoadDog

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