Saturday, October 12, 2013

NC Bound Fall 2013-- Part 5: Route 66 Fix in Dwight, Illinois

Once past Morris, Illinois, Il-47 opens up and is a fast drive to Dwight, right by I-55. Always like the sign on the barn reading "Repent Ye Must Be Born Again. //// Of course, I have to get my Route 66 fix and that road passes through Dwight. Stopped at the old 1930s Ambler-Becker gas station that now houses the Dwight Welcome Center which is open during the summer. //// I always enjoy talking Route 66 with the knowledgeable folk manning it and looking at the guest book to see where people are from. //// As usual, there are a lot of European and other foreign visitors. So far today, there had been 18 visitors from out of the country: Australia, UK and Panama. Also new is the original Dwight fire truck which was reconditioned by Kenny Howard. It still runs. //// I also like looking at the maps with stick pins showing from where visitors come. There is a world on, a U.S. one and a new one of Europe. Worth a Stop. --RoadDog

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