Monday, October 28, 2013

NIU Homecoming 2013-- Part 1

OCTOBER 12TH. //// Left home with lots of clouds and 80% chance of rain. We were playing a WDRV Ten at Ten cassette for the year 1969 and the very first song to come on when leaving the driveway was that great old "Two Hangmen" by a favorite group of ours from college days, Mason Proffitt, out of Indiana. They played at Northern Illinois a whole lot of times back when we were going there. //// Great way to start the drive which is about 65 miles to Dekalb. Brought back memories. ///// It took us forever to get through Huntley, town of many, many, many stoplights now (not to mention road construction. At one time it was just two stoplights, but even then, almost impossible to get through the light at Main Street. //// We had rain off and on, but no real hard stuff until reaching Sycamore, about ten miles from Dekalb, when it really began pouring. I could hardly see the road and this on a day we would be spending a lot of time outside. //// However, by the time we got to Dekalb, it stopped and began to clear. Turning on Lincoln Highway, the 90-minute tape came back around to "Two Hangmen." Was that a good sign? //// Back Home Again top Home Sweet College. --RoadDog

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