Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fratello's: One Great Dog Here in NE Illinois-- Part 1

From the July 25th-Juky 31st, 2013 Lake County (Ill) Journal. //// Earliet this summer, I wrote about one of my favorite things to dogs, here in Lake County, Illinois. (Well, actually I live right next door in McHenry County, but close enough.) After writing about the winners (number one was Fratello's on US-12 in Volo, just south of Fox Lake, I had to go to Fratello's and bite a dog again as I hadn't been there for many years. //// It was as good as I remembered them. //// The newsaper also had an individual write-up on the place "Fratellos' 'pioneers Chicago-style dog' by Jesse Carpender. //// The place is just around the corner from the famous Volo Auto Museum, a trip in itself. A favorite stop-off for visitors going to the auto museum as well as on their way for boating and fun on the Chain of Lakes and, of course, heading for Cheesehead land--Wisconsin. Expect long lines most of the time, the place is that popular. //// Good Dog, Good Dog. --RoadDog

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