Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chicago's Old-School MapQuest-- Part 5

Some more items in Brennan's plan: //// ***Abolishing duplicate names. //// ***Giving broken-link streets a single name. //// ***Using street names beginning with the same letter to designate north-south streets within the same mile as an indication of how far west of State Street they are. (Not wuite sure what this means.) //// After years of debate, the Council finally approved Brennan's plan in 1908 and it was put into effect in 1909, everywhere except in the Loop which also "came over," five years later. //// In 1947, five years after his death, the City Council named a two-block street in a new subdivision Brennan Avenue. "It's easy to find. It's between 96th and 98th streets at 2300 east." //// Regardless, I Still get Lost Those rare Times I Go Into Chicago. --RoadDog

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