Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Burnsville, North Carolina a Treat-- Part 1

From the July 2013 Our Stae Magazine (NC) "Burnsville" by Jeremy Markovich. I'd never heard of this town until I wrote about Otway Burns in my War of 1812 blog, Never Forgotten. He was a famous privateer from North Carolina in that war with a very interesting story There is a statue of him in the town square, even though he never lived there. //// Strangely, you'd expect a town named after a seagoing man to be near or at the coast, but Burnsville is up in the Appalachian Mountains, near Asheville. //// Burnsville is small town America, perhaps even another Mayberry with its 1700 people located in Yancey County which only tallies just 17,000. //// Residents want a slice of the tourism business and a big subject of conversation is "The Road." That would be U.S. Highway 19 East which will become a four-lane road that will connect with I-26 and then make Asheville just 40 minutes away. //// Perhaps a Stop in Order the Next Time Through Western North Carolina. --RoadDog

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