Monday, April 2, 2018

Warm Here We Come-- Part 16: Donovan's Reef and Natty Light

Friday, February 2

Drove from Pompano Joe's to the Driftwood Lodge parking lot across the street and next to Donovan's Reef, our favorite bar in Panama City Beach.  We will go there every night while we are in town.  Being right across the street (Front Beach Road) we can walk to and from it.  No messing with the police here.  Just watch out for cars when crossing.

Lisa, one of the bartenders from last year, recognized us and welcomed us back.  That is one great memory, I'll tell you.  She bought us a welcome back drink and we settled in at the bar.

She even remembered our drink of choice in the place, Natty Light draft pints.  Natty Light is short for Natural Light, a Busch product that is quite popular and cheap in Florida.  The case of beer we bought earlier was Natty Light.


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