Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Illinois 200th Anniversary, 20 Historic Sites: Kaskaskia and Pullman

From the December 3, 2017, Chicago Tribune  "Because it's the bicentennial:  200 things every Illinoisan should do -- or see, eat or drink -- at least once."  by Lori Racki.

History: 20 Things to do in Illinois

1.  KASKASKIA--  the first, short-lived state capital by the Mississippi River.

2.  CAHOKIA MOUNDS--  In Collinsville, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, largest pre-Columbian metropolis north of Mexico.

3.  NAPER SETTLEMENT--  In Naperville  What life in Illinois was like pre-plumbing.

4.  PULLMAN--  Chicago's Far South Side.  Pullman Historic District.  One of the country's most famous and controversial company towns  The bloody strike here led to the federal government declaring Labor Day a holiday.

5.  HULL HOUSE--  Where countless immigrants received a helping hand in Chicago.

Lots of History In This State.  --RoadDog

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