Monday, April 16, 2018

22 Words That Have a Different Meaning in Chicago-- Part 3: The Beach

First, what it means everywhere else.

8.  DIBS--  Claiming something that's yours.  In Chicago it is a parking space saved by you because you dug it out of the snow.  You mark it with old chairs or some other piece of furniture.  Fights can occur if people disregard your "dibs."

9.  DRAKE--  Guy who hates Chris Brown.  (Not sure what this about>)  In Chicago it is a fancy, expensive hotel.

10.  THE BEACH--  A tropical sandy beach with blue waves coming ashore.    In Chicago it is a sandy beach by a REALLY COLD Lake Michigan.  OK for sunning, not too much fun for swimmin'.  No kidding, that water is C-O-L-D!!!!

11.  THE CELL--  Place for prisoners.  In Chicago, it was the name of the stadium where the White Sox play.  Now named something else, but still called Comiskey Park by most fans.  I still call it that.  And, it is still the Sears Tower and will still be the John Hancock whenever its name gets changed.

12.  THE BEAN--  Food that makes you fart.  Chicago--  Art in Grant Park.


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