Monday, April 16, 2018

22 Words That a Different Meaning in Chicago-- Part 4: The Taste

First, what it means everywhere else.

13.  FIELDS--  Open area of grass.  In Chicago, it was the old Marshall Fields store, now Macy's.

14.  THE TASTE--  Experiencing something's flavor.  In Chicago, it is experiencing new tastes, and smells at the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park.

15.  BOOT--  Type of shoe.  In Chicago, Your car can get one if you owe too many parking tickets.  Can't go nowhere with a boot on your tire.

16.  SUMMER--  Hot weather.  In Chicago, three to four months of extreme humidity.

17.  HILLSIDE STRANGLER--  Two 70s-era Los Angeles killers.  In Chicago, it is a poorly designed expressway merge in the western suburbs.


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