Thursday, April 26, 2018

Along 66, March 2018: That Stolen Gas Pump and the Tropics

MARCH 24--  The pump stolen from the Miami, Oklahoma, gas station was recovered.  It is nearly 100 years old and stolen February 25  from the 1929 gas station.

It was found at a store in Ozark, Missouri.

The gas station is located at 331 Main Street on the Route 66 segment leading out to the famous Sidewalk Highway.

MARCH 24--  The co-founder of the Tropics in Lincoln, Illinois, died.  Helen Francis Schwenoha died February 28 at the age of 98 in California.  She and her husband Vincent started the Tropics after World War II.

I am glad we got to stop in there a couple times while it was still open.  We even watched a Chicago Bears game there one time.  So glad the sign was saved, restored and soon will be put back up at the former location, now a McDonald's.

Don't Steal My Pump.  --RoadDog

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