Thursday, April 12, 2018

22 Words That Have a Different Meaning in Chicago-- Part 1: LSD

From the March 26, 2018 Buzz Feed by Kristin Chirico.

First the meaning else where.  Then the meaning in Chicago.

1.  LSD--  A mind blowing drug, but in Chicago it stands for Lake Shore Drive along the Lake Michigan waterfront.  From that song by Alliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah.

2.  SNOW DAY--  Elsewhere, it means that school is canceled and cars crash.  In Chicago it means that cars might not even start because of the cold, or, because of the snow, you might not be able to find them if parked outside or, if in a  garage, you can't get it out through the snow drift.

3.  APRIL--   Elsewhere it means spring.  But in Chicago it means it is still winter and all those flowers who stupidly push up are killed.


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