Monday, April 23, 2018

Along 66, March 2018: Shamrock Court Motel in Sullivan For Sale

MARCH 23--  The Shamrock Court Motel in Sullivan, Missouri, is for sale.  The family who owns it is asking $125,000 for it, but that price is negotiable.

The Weiland family has owned it for 60 years.  It is in good shape, but has been unoccupied for decades.  They have owned it since 1953.  In the late 1970s it was converted into efficiency apartments.

It was built in 1945, 1947 or 1948 and has ten rooms, covers 2,400 feet and on a 43,560 foot lot.

It is made of Ozark stone.

David Wickline's  "Images of 66 Vol. 2"  says it is on Route 66 at Shamrock Street entering Sullivan from the west.  "This early motor court has a simply beautiful indigenous Ozark hand-cut stone and brick faced exterior that has certainly stood the test of time.  No sign remains advertising the building that uis located on the south of old 66."

I keep thinking it would be so great to own something on Route 66 like this, but alas, I'm getting too old and it sure would be a lot of work.  I thought seriously about buying the Blue swallow when it wa sup for sale.


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