Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Illinois' 200th Anniversary, 20 Places to Visit-- Part 3: Galena

11.  WATER TOWER--  Chicago.  A survivor of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire.  On Michigan Avenue.

12.  GALENA--  "The town that history forgot."  Looks the same as when U.S. Grant lived there in the 1850s.

13.  LINCOLN'S NEW SALEM--  Near Springfield.  Civilian Conservation Corps reconstruction of where Lincoln lived and worked when he came to Illinois in the 1830s.

14.  HAROLD WASHINGTON LIBRARY--  Chicago.  Seventy miles of bookshelves with lots of history, including its namesake, Chicago's first black mayor.

15.  OLD STATE CAPITOL--  Springfield--Meticulous reconstruction where Lincoln delivered his "House Divided" speech and where his body lay in state after his assassination.  Barack Obama used it for backdrop to announcement for his presidential bid.


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