Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Along 66, March 2018: The Threatt Gas Station and Midpoint Cafe

From the Route 66 News site.

MARCH 14--  Land dispute may hold up restoration of Threatt Filling Station near Luther, Oklahoma.  The people restoring it want it to be a visitors center and museum.

It was built in 1916 and was one of the few black-owned businesses along Route 66.  It operated until the early 1960s.  Then it became a home.

One of the few places black motorists could use.  Just for this fact alone it should be reopened and turned into a  museum about the black experience on Route 66.

MARCH  15--  Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas, reopens with new owners on March 28.  neat place, but how do they know they are at the midpoint of Route 66?


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