Thursday, April 19, 2018

McHenry's Windhill Pancake Parlor-- Part 2: "The Iron Man Challenge"

In 1986, it was bought by Sharon and Dave Hunt who operated it with their children for seventeen years before selling it to one of their children who runs the place today.

They have a train counter at a bar in the back that can seat fourteen people.  Your food and drink order is delivered by a model train.

They have "The Iron Man Challenge."

It is a 12-egg omelet with mushrooms, onions, cheese that is covered with chili and more cheese and an unhealthy portion of American fries (sliced potatoes) and two biscuits.

If you can finish it in one hour, your cost is $1.99 (to cover tax).  You get a tee-shirt announcing your "accomplishment" and your name goes on a plaque.  You pay $25 if you fail.  So far there have been twenty winners in 188 attempts.

I'd Like To See It, But Know I Could Never Finish It.  --RoadDog

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