Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Along 66, March 2018: A Bridge, Motel Sign and a Trail

MARCH 5--  The Desert Sands Motel sign in Albuquerque has been taken down.

MARCH 7--  The Trail of Tears Memorial in Missouri is slated to reopen April 22.  This is also Eart Day.  Time set is 1 p.m.

The intricate structures were created by Larry Baggett.  He died in 2013 and it had deteriorated alarmingly since then.  Marie Rydberg bought it in 2016 and with a lot of help, has restored it.

We went by it back in October and it already was looking much better.  Thanks Marie.

MARCH 13--  MoDot is looking for new owners for the Gasconade River bridge near Hazelgreen, Missouri.

Anyone Wanna Buy a Bridge?  --RoadDog

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