Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visiting the 9/11 Sites

From the September 7, 2014, Parade Magazine "Picks: How to Visit the 9/11 Sites" edited by Vi-An Nguyen.

On this 13th anniversary of that tragic day back in 2001.  All seven of my blogs will be about this event.

FLIGHT 93 NATIONAL MEMORIAL:  Construction continues on this monument in the field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, but a wall inscribed with the names of Flight 93's 40 passengers and crew and a long paved walkway providing a view of the crash point are open to visitors.

THE NATIONAL 9/11 PENTAGON MEMORIAL:  Each of the 184 people who died at the pentagon is honored with a bench engraved with his or her name and an individual lighted pool of water at this expansive memorial site in Washington, D.C..

THE NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL:  Where Manhattan's twin towers once stood there are two reflecting pools-- each an acre in size (marking the tower footprints) and bordered by 30-foot waterfalls.  Bronze panels surrounding the water list the 2,983 names of those who lost their lives in both the 1993 and 2001 attacks.

Places to Visit and Reflect.

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