Saturday, September 13, 2014

Special Eats at Chicago's Comiskey Park-- Part 1

From the May 15, 2014, Chicago Tribune "Sox fans, eat this!" by Kevin Pang.

I don't call this baseball park by the new other name, it remains Comiskey to me.  Same with the Sears Tower.

"CHICKEN AND WAFFLES:  Usually ballpark food happens like this: Wieners are heated up in water, pretzels are heated up in a carousel, 'BBQ pulled pork' is heated up inside the Cryovac plastic bag it came in.  Imagine my delight when I came across this new-for-2014 dish at (the other name): the Southern staple of fried chicken plus waffles, freshly fried on a cart behind section 143!

"For $8, this is the real deal.  Two crisp waffles sandwiching a crunchy, well-seasoned chicken breast.  It's topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar, and comes with a container of maple syrup.

"This is the apogee of every food (at a baseball stadium, anyway) that's ever straddled the sweet-savory divide."

Someone evidently was quite impressed and it would be something I'd sure be temped to try is we went to Chicago.  I see there is a double-header today (last night was rained and colded out).  Featured the two last place AL Central teams, the Sox and Twins battling it out for last bragging rights.  I imagine a lot of these fried chicken and waffles will be sold.

Syrup on Chicken?  --RoadDog

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