Friday, September 19, 2014

Country Music's Dallas Frazier on the Jukebox at the Silver Dollar at Carolina Beach

A couple days ago, I wrote about listening to Dallas Frazier singing "North Carolina" and John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" at the Silver Dollar Saloon on Carolina Beach's boardwalk.  This was on a family vacation and we were there with my brother Bob, his wife, Liz and my sister Julie and staying at Aunt Anna Mae's cottage.

Of course, we knew John Denver's song and I put "North Carolina" on since we were in the state and all born there, well my brother, sister and I.  We liked it so much, I decided to try "Elvira" since it was also sung by Dallas Frazier.

We like to wore that jukebox out.  I hadn't thought about those songs for years, and then, they just popped into my head.  I went to You Tube and listened to "North Carolina" many times.  And, that brought back the memory that we also listened to Dallas Frazier's "Elvira."  Yep, the same "Elvira" that the Oak Ridge Boys had such a big hit with back in the 80s.

These were on 45s and I am fairly sure that both "North Carolina" and "Elvira" were on the flipsides of the same single, but maybe not.

Either way, it was a great time for us.

We knew Elvira before most anyone else did.

I will write about Dallas Frazier in my Down da Road I Go blog tomorrow.

"My Heart's On Fire for ____."  --RoadDog

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