Saturday, September 13, 2014

Storied Pasts: Structures from 1963 That Are Still Standing-- Part 1

From the March 2013 AARP Bulletin "Storied Pasts" by Betsy Towner.

"In March 1963 the federal prison at far left (picture 1) closed its doors.  The seven other buildings pictured here--known for their history, grandeur or whimsy-- were part of the American landscape 50 years ago, and all still stand.  Can you identify them?"

Then there were pictures of the eight structures and a brief description.  I correctly guessed the first five, but not the last three.  Of course, I had pictures as well a descriptions.  See how well you do.

If you search AARP Bulletin Storied Past Betsy Towner, you can pull up the page.  Great photos.

1.  Despite popular lore, there were no man-eating sharks in the water to attack escapees.  The water was probably too cold, anyway.)

2.  Centerpiece of the 1962 World's Fair.  Original plans called for a stork's nest atop the 605-foot tower.  Glitch: Storks don't live in this city-- it's too cold.

Answers in Part 3.

I Was At #2 and Saw #1 Off in the Distance.  --RoadDog

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