Friday, September 26, 2014

Downriver (By Car) on the Chain Crawl-- Part 3: Hermann's Lowlife Bar and Grill

Continuing with our trip last Monday, September 16th.

We still had several places down the Fox River to get passport stamps for the Chain Crawl.  The bext place we were going to, Hermann's Lowlife Bar and Grill (also referred to as Hermann's Rest-A-While) was the one we most wanted to visit.  Port Edwards and Pier 99 are a bit too upscale for us.  Dead Inn in Fox River Grove is a great place, but making a turn across Northwest Highway (US-14) is every bit as bad as going across US-12 up by us.

We also weren't sure Hermann's would be open as it is sometimes closed on Mondays or opens around 4 p.m..  They were open at 2 p.m..  Made our day.

This is a small place, even smaller now with several video gambling games, which are about everywhere these days.  The bar itself seats about 12-14 if we squeeze.

As usual, Wayne, the owner, was at his customary seat.  Quite a few people came in while we were there and everyone was greeted by Wayne and the bartender by name.  We told Wayne that we had seen a guy wearing one of his tee shirts at Captain's Quarters a couple times and he named the guy.  Kind of like a Cheers, you know.

This is also not one of your cookie-cutter sports bar or TGIFs, either.  It's the real thing.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name.  --RoadDog

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