Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Downriver (By Car) for the Chain Crawl-- Part 1: Crystal Lake to Algonquin

Yesterday, after Liz's eye doctor appointment, we drove to Algonquin, Illinois, and then backtracked to Fox Lake.

First stop was in Crystal Lake on our way south, where we wanted to go to the Flag Store in its downtown.  Sadly it wasn't open, but maybe that's good as we saved money.  This is a type of store I really shouldn't visit.  Way too many temptations.  We were looking specifically for a Black Hawks pennant.

Then, on to Algonquin, as far south as you can boat on Illinois' Fox River because of the dam and no locks.  We almost ended up on what they call the New Illinois Highway 31, which now bypasses the town.  Our object was Port Edwards, a fancy restaurant by the dam (and a Chain Crawl participant), but they weren't open on Mondays.

We drove along River Road going north past some really beautiful scenery as it ran along the river for about five miles or more, before we got to Fox River Grove, where we did get to have our passport stamped at the Dead End Saloon.  This is what you could call a neat little hole-in-the-wall place, definitely not cookie-cutter.

Then, further upriver to Pier 99 in Port Barrington, but it was closed, so on to Hermann's Low Life Saloon in Barrington Shores.  This was the place we most wanted to go for the passport stamp and our favorite place downriver.  It is small and been there since the early 1920s and owned by Wayne's family since 1951.

All My Friends Are in Low Places, As Garth Said.  --RoadDog

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