Monday, September 29, 2014

Downriver (By Car) on the Chain Crawl-- Part 4: Hermann's Lowlife Bar's Hot Cop Porn

Fifty cents off drinks on every Bear game day, so it was 50 cents cheaper today because of the Monday Night Football game against the Jets.

We got our passport signed and then ordered some hot "Cop Porn."    This is a local favorite and just the thing to tide you over while waiting for your food.  Actually, what it is is pop corn.  Hermann's menu is on a board located behind where customers sit on one side of the bar and is made up of little press-in letters.

For $2, you can get an order of hot pop corn, but the letters were changed to "cop porn" so often, Wayne decided to just leave it that way.  Now, everyone talks about that "Hot Cop Porn."  Everyone gets a big laugh and every first-time visitor inquires about it.

We've heard that the burgers are great, but we always order the pizza when we go.  It is frozen pizza, but probably the best-ever frozen pizza you'll get to eat.  They get it weekly from two local pizza places and are always used up in that week.  We get the classic one which is a true garbage pizza with about seven items on it for $10.

Even better, pizzas are half price using the coupon in the Chain Crawl book.

Half the fun of being in the place is listening to conversations and being involved with them.  If there ever was a "Cheers" in the area, this would be it.

Well Worth a Stop If You're Ever in the Area, If for Nothing Else But That "Hot Cop Porn."   --RoadDog

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