Monday, September 15, 2014

Road Work Ahead, Summer 2014 N.C. Trip-- Part 20: Carolina Beach, It's a Boardwalk Thing

I was very happy to see that the amusement rides are back at the boardwalk area where they were in my younger days.  At one point, all of them were moved out to Jubilee Park off US-421 as you come into town.  That just wasn't the same as the boardwalk.  A good beach boardwalk needs to have rides.

And, speaking of boardwalk, Carolina Beach's boardwalk is actually made of concrete.  There are no timbers whatsoever.  And, in my much younger days, you could see the ocean as it rolled in a short distance away.  But, not anymore.  Now there is a huge berm running the length of the boardwalk.  Sorry to miss the view, but this was very necessary for the hurricanes which hit here fairly regularly.

It is probably twenty-feet high and maybe a third of a football field wide.  There are steps and walkways to the top and you can see the ocean from there.

Under the Boardwalk?  --RoadDog

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