Saturday, September 6, 2014

Road Work Ahead, Summer 2014 N.C. Trip-- Part 18; The Blockade-Runner Museum and Britt's

July 28, Monday

We're across Snow's Cut Bridge now and coming into Carolina Beach on US-421, the road to the beach.  Once, there wasn't much between the town and bridge, but now it is built up extensively.  Passed the Carolina Beach municipal building which used to be the old Blockade-Runner Museum, one of the best private museums around and with an big collection, including scale model of Fort Fisher and downtown Wilmington during the war.

I went here often and at one time was invited to be assistant manager in 1983, but turned it down which was a good thing because it was out of business a short time later.

One thing nice about Carolina Beach, it has free parking, if you can find it.  We did and walked over to Britt's for those delicious doughnuts.  Quite a crowd there even though it wasn't lunch time.  Always time for dessert, you know.  Donuts were 95 cents, or six for $5.95, but best deal was a dozen for $7.95.

You could have been in Britt's on July 28, 1954, before Hurricane Hazel, which wrecked Carolina Beach, and everything would have been just the same.  Garage door entrance, two counters, visible kitchen, no air conditioning and crowds.  The only thing different would have been the prices and every one of the employees would grab their cell phones every chance they got and thumbs would fly.

Next, a Walk on the Boardwalk.  --RoadDog

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