Saturday, September 6, 2014

Air Rage, And It's Getting Worse: 7 Ways Airlines Are Getting Out Goat

From the Sept. 7, 2014, Yahoo! News "Air Rage Isn't Out Fault: 7 Ways Airlines Are Pitting us Against Each Other" by William J. McGee.

We all heard a lot this past week about the great knee controversy aboard that plane, but sadly, incidents between passengers are on the rise thanks to airline policies enforced to make the most money they can.

Here are seven things they are doing to make our travel by air a worsening experience:

1.  Reducing legroom
2.  Reducing seat width
3.  Boarding drama, especially with checked baggage fees

4.  BAGGAGE FEES  (and they STILL mangae to lose it!!
5.  Eliminating in-flight meals (Then the guy beside you eats those sardines.)
6.  Inconsistent policies regarding personal electronic devices
7.  Overboarding cabins.  Cramming more and more of us on board.

McGee has a lot more remarks on each one of these.  Give it a look.


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