Friday, September 12, 2014

Special Eats at Chicago's Wrigley Field-- Part 3: Buffalo, Classic and Reuben Dogs

1960s HOT DOG:  The Buffalo-Wing dog, which tops the hot dog with pulled chicken in Buffalo-style sauce and topped with blue cheese cole slaw.  Phil Vettel says, "The flavors on this creation are so strong that Levy might just as well have omitted the wiener."  This dog would have to be a jolt to the senses.

1920s HOT DOG:  A straight-up classic Chicago dog, sport peppers and all.  Of course, i'd have to take those peppers off.  And, don't even THINK about putting ketchup on it!!

1910S HOT DOG:  The Reuben hot dog (one claim has the Reuben sandwich being created around 1914).  The hot dog here is topped with corned beef, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and shredded Swiss cheese.

Phil says he's not crazy about corned beef, but does love sauerkraut on his hot dogs.  Me, too!!

Well, I Sure Would Have Liked to have Partaken One of These.  Wonder If They Deliver?  --RoadDog

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