Monday, September 22, 2014

Lake Erie Lighthouses Shine On-- Part 5: Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

This lighthouse ranks as Liz and my favorite one as it was the one that got us "hooked" on lighthouses.  Before going out to Put-in-Bay on our first trip, we decided to look around the mainland.  Actually, we couldn't get a room on the island until the next day, so had some time to kill.  We went, saw and got "hooked."  This is why we have a Marblehead Lighthouse lamp and at least paintings/photos of it.  Of course, not to mention the magnet somewhere on the refrigerator.

It is nearby to South Bass Island and the lighthouse there which i have written about in the last four posts.  Like the other one, this one is also open to visitors and on the northeast corner of the Marblehead Peninsula.  It is the oldest lighthouse in continuous use on the Great Lakes.  "It is 182 years old and is a Lake Erie icon."

Originally standing 50 feet, it was raised to 67 feet and is 25 feet in diameter at its base with 5 foot thick walls, narrowing to 12 feet at the top (if you walk up the 77 steps.


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