Thursday, May 1, 2014

What About Those Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs?

Actually, I was very surprised to see Racine Kringles listed as Wisconsin's Official State Pastry.  The reason being those ever-popular Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs.  They have a whole section of a building where they serve nothing but these heavily caloried, not-good-for-you, but Oh-Sp-Good treats.

There are some folks I know who would not consider themselves as having been to the fair without having one, or two or three.

However, Liz and I finally figured how how to eat them.  We buy one and split it.  That way, we get the taste and smile, but still have room left over for other good things to eat, and there are plenty, especially if you get to the Wisconsin Products building.

To Kringle Or to Puff, That Is the Question.  --RoadDog

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