Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Road Music: NC Spring 2014 Trip-- Part 3

On the road, you'll find me switching back and forth between local radio stations and CDs (or even cassettes if I'm in the '03 Malibu which has a cassette.Cd player with the radio).

The last two CDs I listened to going and returning:

REDNECK CRAZY--  TYLER FARR--  Honk and Blues Country music.  As rowdy as they wanna be.  Lots of drinkin' songs like "Makes You Wanna Drink" with its call and response.  Other drinking songs "Whiskey in My Water," "Ain't Even Drinkin'," "Chicks, Trucks, and Beer" with the cheer reprise.  As a boat owner, however, I'm not sure he knew what he was talking about in "Wish I Had a Boat," but it would be a great song for out on the local Chain of Lakes.

The title song, "Redneck Crazy," is about payback.  Break his heart and that ol' redneck boy gonna get ya back.  "Throw empty beer cans at your bedroom window," is just one bit of payback.  But I say throwing full ones would be more effective at getting her attention. But guess that would be too much a waste of good beer after a bad woman.

FROM HERE TO NOW TO YOU--  JACK JOHNSON--  Actually, I was intending to buy a Jack White CD when I bought this one.  Got my Jacks mixed up.  Good for me.  If there was ever a better laid-back, chilling out album, I'd like to know.

It is a group of guys sitting around and having fun playing , picking and singing.  There is even a picture of them doing exactly that.

I especially liked "Shot Reverse Shot," "Tape Deck" and "Radiate."

Sometimes, Those Mistakes Turn Out Real Good.  --RoadDog

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