Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Survived the NIU Shootings, Now a Campus Cop-- Part 2

Maria Christiansen, now 26, is an NIU police officer and patrols the campus where she was wounded.  She initially served under NIU police chief Donald Grady, who besides having nothing but positive things to say about her duty, but also had a big part in her survival that tragic day.

This past Sunday, Maria celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mom to her 10-month-old Alexis.

More than six years ago, Christiansen didn't know much about weapons and didn't even recognize the killer's weapon as being a sawed-off shotgun.  "To me, it looked like a bazooka kind of thing.  All of a sudden, I just felt pressure on my left shoulder, and after that, I went down to the floor.  I remember hearing some screaming and noise in the background and heard the shots--'bang, bang, bang-- and after that there was just silence."

She was severely wounded, but five other students died that day and many others were wounded.

More to Come.

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