Friday, May 9, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 3: Watch That Microcassette Recorder!!

My spring trip to North Carolina and was it ever c-o-l-d!!!!  You sure wouldn't expect March to be so cold, especially in the sunny South where I even was snowed on iat Mt. Airy.

Driving through Elburn, Illinois, and got past that pesky railroad crossing where I have spent much time.  Wait a minute, hurry up and put the microcassette recorder down as there is a cop over by the side of the road watching speeders!!  He didn't see me, I guess.

But in Illinois it is now illegal as of Jan. 1st, to use a cell phone while driving and from what I hear, lots of folk are getting tickets for using them.  I might have had a hard time explaining it and maybe they consider that distracted driving.

I am not sure that talking on a cell phone is all that bad other than dialing numbers.  I rarely get a call on my cell phone, maybe once or twice a month, but I do use it a lot during trips to touch base with Mom and Liz.  Other than that, I don't make many calls.

You can use hands-free cell phones or those really stupid looking Bluetooth things.  As it turns out, I used the OnStar hands-free a lot as my 360 minutes expired on the 29th of March, and here it was the 23rd of March and I hadn't used it even once in the past year.

I wouldn't wear one of those Bluetooth things as I think they look rather silly.  Hey guy, you got something either growing out of trying to get into your ear!!  Those Bluetooths look about as  smart as those flat-brim baseball caps.

No Bluetooth Fer Me.  --RoadDog

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