Saturday, May 31, 2014

Indy 500, 2014-- Part 4: Eatin' Cue and Drinkin' Beer on Main Street

May 23, 2014.  Dawson's was crowded, both inside and outside and we got a table by the window and perused their special: bucket of five aluminum pints for $15.  Sue made sure everyone got an equal portion of the last of those five cans.  I mean, down to the drop equal.  Was it good to the last drop?

While at that table, we got to talking about our favorite team, those hockey players from Chicago, and John and Paul said they remember the Black Hawk fans cheering and yelling during the National Anthem happening as far back as '72.  They like the old guy who sings it better than the new one.  I don't know, but the new one is hard to beat.

Sue, Paul and John went back to the RV.  I decided to stay and went back to Barbecue and Bourbon and watched the band for awhile more (hey...ID!!).  I also tried their two wings for $3 and $2 corn on the cob.  Now, usually, I would consider two wings for $3 a bit expensive, but these were referred to as Giant Wings and they sure were, with both parts.  And, then, too, there were sauces (hot and sweet) to douse them with.  I also used both sauces on that ear of corn.  That was mighty fine and filling eating.

Good Times on That Main Street.  --RoadDog

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