Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 7: Testing My Stoplight Theory

I had been planning on leaving for the NC trip on Thursday and here it was Sunday as I was feeling kind of sick.  And, one big problem was the need to constantly spit.  And, right before entering Huntley, i had a big ol' gob.

Alright, here I was about to attempt the myriad of red lights that is Huntley today along Il-47.  I sure needed to spit as well, but perhaps that might be in my favor as you can never get a red light when you really want one.

Of the 10-12 stoplights in Huntley, I made it through EVERY SINGLE ONE with only two slow-downs!!  Amazing!!    I even got through that pesky light at Main Street.  And, south of I-90, I made it through the new one at Big Timber Road that seems to be in competition with the one at Main Street to make me wait most often.!!!

I did finally have to stop at the US-20/Il-72 intersection by Stark's Corner, but just for 15 seconds.

Just Something To Think About.  --RoadDog

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