Friday, May 16, 2014

Survived NIU Shooting, Now Campus Cop-- Part 4: Maria Christiansen

Maria Christiansen was hospitalized for about two weeks.  Once she was out, she wanted to be back at Northern Illinois and wanted campus to be like it was before the murders.

Within two months of the shooting, she was back on campus and headed to Cole Hall where the attack took place.  She returned to classes, although her new voice was a bit squeaky at first, like a 12-year-old girl's.  She had to go through voice therapy, and on the weekends attended police academy at Princeton, Illinois.

She interned with the NIU police in the fall of 2008 and received her badge March 2009, even before she received her degree  She went from part-time to full-time in May 2010 when she got her sociology degree with an emphasis on criminology.

Maria met her husband, DeKalb County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Christiansen, in the fall of 2010.

By all accounts, she is an excellent police officer.  A video accompanies the article and she still bears the scars of that day on her face.

A Real Hero Who Didn't Let Events Control Her Life.  --RoadDog

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