Monday, May 12, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 6: How to Avoid Pesky Stoplights (In Huntley)

As I mentioned in my last post, the remnants of the cold had me needing to spit a lot.  And, I am not really good at spitting out the window,  I just can't get the trajectory of distance and it often ends up on the side of the car.  YUCK!!  It is even worse when I'm moving fast.  Plus, I don't like to spit out the window at stop lights or signs if somebody is behind me (and they usually are).

However, as I was approaching Huntley, Illinois, on Il-47, I got to thinking.  "Maybe I can use this need to spit to my advantage."  You know how if you need to look at something on a piece of paper you can NEVER catch a stoplight red to give you the opportunity.  Might that not hold true with needing to spit?

And, I had the perfect opportunity to test the theory right in front of me.  Huntley used to be a small town isolated from Chicago by distance, but not anymore.  It is a real boom town, growing faster in population than they can keep up with it, especially in the road department area.  (There is a huge Del Webb Sun City complex and it is right by the I-90 Tollway)  Huntley's roads (mostly Il-47) are almost always torn up.  And, with all the businesses flocking to town, they have been in overdrive as far as putting up stoplights.

There used to be just two lights at Algonquin Road and Main Street.  That Main Street stoplight was one of those that just quietly waits for my arrival to turn red.  I have spent many a minute waiting at that light, which seems to take forever.

Did the Spitting Theory Prove True?  More to Come.  --RoadDog

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