Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Survived the NIU Valentine Day's Shootings, Now a Campus Cop-- Part 1

From the May 13, 2014, Northwest (Il) Herald "Protect and remember: NIU police officer survived campus shooting as a student" by Danielle Guerra and Andrea Azzo.

There is also an interesting video.  NIU is in DeKalb, Illinois and located on Illinois-38, the old Lincoln Highway.

Maria Christiansen is "A victim-turned first-responder, she's made it her mission to make sure what happened to her on Feb. 14, 2008 will never happen to another student at her alma mater.

"Christiansen, then known as Maria Ruiz-Santana, was a 20-year-old Northern Illinois University junior... when it happened.  With ten minutes left in her oceanography class, a shooter wielding three guns barged onto the stage of the lecture hall and opened fire.  Christiansen was severely wounded by a shotgun blast."

She barely survived and still bears scars from that day on her face and in her mind.

Quite a Hero In her Own Way.

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